Year 2019: SA1 is coming soon. Is your child prepared?

Bring Your P5/P6 Child Closer to Scoring A*s in the upcoming SA1 with carefully selected past year paper questions in our Mid-Year Sprint, taught with proven and effective techniques.


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Get a taste of how Our Learning Lodge (OLL) can change and make an impact on your child’s result with our Mid-Year Sprint course where we go through carefully selected, CHALLENGING and FREQUENTLY TESTED questions from past year papers across all three subjects with complete explanations on everything your child needs to know in order to ACE his or her SA1! 




2019 Mid-Year Sprint (3 subjects)

Our Learning Lodge presents the Mid-Year Sprint which is really a race for the half mark line that will determine your child's confidence and performance for the upcoming SA1.

What we will cover during the 4-hour, high-impact, content-packed Mid-Year Sprint (SA1):  

  • 4 hours of GRINDING AND DRILLING of questions in a mock exam booklet carefully chosen after analysing past-year papers for English, Maths and Science to help students strengthen their understanding in concepts and answering techniques. 
  • Each topic clearly divided and strategically dealt with by rules to ensure the criterion of each question is answered systematically and accurately.
  • Doubts and perception to be straightened out and discovery of unheard techniques to be utilised by students for knowledge to stay in their minds, ready to be unleashed at the moment similar questions are asked during their mid-year exams. 
  • Carefully structured practices for students to feel comfortable with exam papers and still be intrigued to solve the challenges paced before them, scoring higher than before in SA1.

If you are still not convinced, here is why a good recall of all the topics and an even better attainment of all the concepts and resources is needed for mid-year exams:  

  • Mid-year exams is an indicator of how well your child is performing on all the subjects, it can give your child a boost of confidence for PSLE by thinking, "I improved 10 marks, which means I can do even better for PSLE!" or he/she can get disappointed when unequipped with all that he/she needs and refuse to try to do better.
  • Save time and do not let your child continue to ponder over question after question with no hint of how to tackle it and instead let him/her have certainty and constancy throughout all of his/her answers. This would also enable them to have more time to check the papers by being as meticulous as they can. 

Here is what your child will experience


English (4 hours SPRINT TO A* for SA1)

In this 4 hours intensive drilling course, students will be given our mid-year sprint English booklet, filled with carefully selected questions from past year papers.

Focusing only on paper 2, we will:

  • Reiterate Grammar rules so students do not have to choose answers based on how sentences sound any longer
  • Look for hidden clues within both grammar and vocab cloze passages to rationalise options for blanks.
  • Summarize comprehension passages to gain good perception and categorize types of questions  
  • Break down key steps to combine or reconstruct Synthesis sentences
  • Analyse Visual Texts and identify the tricks placed to distract by eliminating all unviable options


Mathematics (4 hours SPRINT TO A* for SA1)

In this 4 hours intensive drilling course, students will be given our mid-year sprint Math booklet, filled with carefully selected questions from past year papers. 

Paper 01: - Equip students with the tricks and skills to tackle the Paper 01 questions and a revision of key ideas in each topic, allowing students to complete the Paper 01 questions with speed and accuracy

Paper 02: - Equip students with the answering techniques to solving 10 essential problem-solving concepts (such as Constant Difference, Unchanged Total) with our H.I.T model, allowing students to recognise and adopt the right approach in solving the problem sums in paper 2.  

H-ighlight (Keywords) I-dentify (Concepts) T-hink (First Step) 


SCIENCE (4 hours SPRINT TO A* for SA1)

In this 4 hours intensive drilling course, students will be given our mid-year sprint science booklet, filled with carefully selected questions from past year papers. 

The Experience: - Revision of scientific concepts through comprehensive content coverage (P3-P6) - Application of systematic thinking process to tackle questions 

Important Skills: - Answering techniques on commonly-asked experimental-based questions - Point-by-point explanation for open-ended questions (esp. Cycles, Energy) - Critical thinking using content knowledge to tackle application questions  


Usual price: $490 Get an Early bird discount: $250!

  • Also included in the course (worth $45): - English session: English mid-year sprint booklet - Maths session: Maths mid-year sprint booklet - Science session: Science mid-year sprint booklet

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Mid-Year Sprint Course (Eng, Maths & Sci)
All 3 subjects English, Maths & Science
Our Learning Lodge

Our Learning Lodge Location: Blk 813 Jurong West Street 81, #B1-184, S(640813) (Within walking distance from: Pioneer Pri Sch, Westgrove Pri Sch, and Westwood Pri Sch) Bus No.: 258, 243, 502, 99, 185 Nearest MRT: Boon Lay MRT or Pioneer MRT Website: Whatsapp: 9727 2203

Hear what our students and their parents say

Crystal Lai & her parents (Henry Park Pri Sch, P6) T-Score 257

“I have improved tremendously for my English and Math subjects after attending classes at Our Learning Lodge. The lessons are also interesting and fun which makes learning more enjoyable. THANK YOU OUR LEARNING LODGE! :) - Crystal Lai (Henry Park Primary School P6)

“Crystal has shown significant improvement in her results, especially in English and Math. With the help of Our Learning Lodge, Crystal was able to accurately identify her weaknesses and work on them, allowing her to achieve her dream results for PSLE. Thanks!” - Crystal Lai's Parents 

Xin Yan & her parents (West Grove Primary Sch, P6):

C to A, English, Mathematics and Science. “I am very happy to be able to ace the PSLE. The learning journey has been very enjoyable and I always look forward to the lessons at Our Learning Lodge. A great thank you to all my teachers at Our Learning Lodge!” - Xin Yan (West Grove Primary School P6)

“Thank you very much to all the teachers for helping her. I am very glad to see the huge improvement in her results for PSLE.” - Xin Yan's Parents 

Amelia Ong (Rulang Primary School, P6) T-Score: 263

“I saw significant improvement in my Science when I joined Our Learning Lodge for Science lessons. The pleasant environment provided by OLL allowed me to focus more. Concepts were clearly explained and the teachers were friendly and engaging. Fun was injected to the lesson so we could have a more enjoyable time learning. “ - Amelia Ong (Rulang Primary School P6)

Jun Hang & his parents (Westwood Pri Sch, P6) T-Score: 250

“Jun Hang joined OLL 3 months before PSLE. His English improved to an A from a B, and Science improved to an A* from an A. This was a massive help to his PSLE. During this time, Jun Hang would share how his teacher used prompts, group activities and rewards. She would adapt to the students’ learning ability by providing additional practices, taking into account every student’s needs. OLL is not just another tuition centre, but a professional school that understands students’ needs, providing customization, targeting of weaknesses and reinforcement of strengths. A special thank-you to the teachers, for their patience, professionalism, passion and meticulous attention to nurturing our children. Thank you!” - Jun Hang's parents  

Common Questions

Who’s teaching me at Our Learning Lodge?

Here in Our Learning Lodge, only the best in their fields are in-charge of each subject. English, Math and Science are taken care of by teachers who specialise in that area. Passion plays a part in all of our trained teachers who are motivated by not only the subject but what the students can gain from the subject and of course, that includes their A*s.

What if my child is not that interested in learning and just want to play? Will he/she gets distracted in a group setting?

Usually to start off the lesson, we will have everyone in class to introduce themselves. This is to get them and their peers comfortable but also to get to know what motivates them. In the midst of the first lesson, teachers can already identify their learning style and would tweak according to what they need to stay engaged. A group setting is especially useful as prompts will not only be given by the teachers but the students themselves will participate, resulting in a class full of students eager to learn and becoming friends in the process of achieving A*s.

Do I need to bring food for my child?

Here in Our Learning Lodge, we take care of the well-being of our students in every aspect and that includes their tummy. We do not want them to get distracted in class and hence, if they were to have back to back lessons throughout morning and afternoon, lunch will be provided. We also have our in-house cafe filled with snacks like drinks, chocolates, nuggets, chicken wings, chicken bites and many more. Costing only $1 and $2, students can purchase anything they want during their breaks to fill their tummies. 

What can we do as parents to be involved in the classes?

Our Learning Lodge treasures our relationship with parents as we know that parents play a major role in educating our students. We will be giving individual feedback on the classes at a regular basis so that parents can take note of their child's progress and monitor their behaviour as well as attitude towards learning. Moreover, communication between us and the parent will always be open with our WhatsApp hotline. Should there be any concerns, feel free to raise the issues and we will be united in dealing with any complications. 

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